Jackson Hewitt Tax Review 2023: Simple Online Filing

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Jackson Hewitt has been around for years, offering in-person tax preparation services at more than 6,000 locations across the country. The company may be best-known for their convenient pop-up stores in Walmart. Depending on your filing preference you can visit an office or Walmart location to file with a tax pro, file online, or drop off your tax documents to be filed for you. Either way, their software is capable of preparing both simple and complex returns. While Jackson Hewitt has built a solid reputation around in person filing, our review will focus on their online offer and capabilities. 



Support Options



  • Simple pricing! A federal returns is only $25. A federal return plus unlimited state returns is $49. 
  • Online unlimited support through chat.
  • Refund advance loans for qualified individuals.
  • All tax forms are included with one price. 
  • Onscreen help and explanations are lacking. 
  • You'll have to enter forms by hand (no picture import for forms).

Who should use Jackson Hewitt?

Satisfied existing customers, or people looking for a change.

Jackson Hewitt’s online filing service is simple. It’s one question at a time and very straight forward. There is nothing to excitedly scream about and there is nothing to be bothered by. It is simple. It does the job. If you feel overwhelmed by fancy on-screen graphics, or feel you are mostly paying for bells and whistles with other tax companies, you might like the Jackson Hewitt online service. 

What Are the Jackson Hewitt Packages and Prices?

Jackson Hewitt  simplified their online filing options this year. Rather than charge for the forms you need to file, they charge a flat rate and include all the forms. Personally, we’re big fans of this pricing model. It’s straightforward and won’t leave you guessing if you need to pay more for another form. 

Federal & Unlimited State Returns

File your federal tax return (simple or complex) and as many state returns as you want for one low price. 

Federal & State Returns: $25

Filing Taxes with Jackson Hewitt

File on your own or with guidance

Similar to most online tax software, Jackson Hewitt uses a question-answer interview process. When you first create an account you’ll be asked one question at a time. This can get a bit tedious, but keeps things simple. When you reach sections such as income, you’ll have the option to be guided through each income type, or you can navigate to the incomes that apply to you on your own. This self guided navigation is great for confident filers and can save you lots of time. However, if you decide to skip any sections, just be sure you don’t actually need them. 

Jackson Hewitt Tax Calculators

Jackson Hewitt offers a variety of tax calculators to help estimate your tax refund, or the amount of tax you’ll owe. These calculators include a 1040 Federal Income Tax, Earned Income Tax Credit, Estate Tax Liability, and Self-Employment Tax.

Flexible Tax Preparation

As with other filing options, you can use this software on a computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection. If you prefer to use your phone you won’t have to worry about downloading a mobile app. The online version is mobile-friendly.

How does Jackson Hewitt compare to TurboTax?

Jackson Hewitt specializes in professional tax preparation, but how does its online service compare to TurboTax?


Simple, it gets the job done.


The process is smooth and friendly.

Support Options

Limited self help and content explanation, but does offer unlimited online chat.

Support Options

Detailed explanations and multiple self-help resources. Flexible on-demand support from tax pros is available.


Straightforward pricing that won’t leave you wondering if you’ll need to upgrade for additional tax situations.


Tiered pricing based on the tax situations you need to file and the level of support you want. 

Support Offered by Jackson Hewitt

Free Support Tools

  • Tax Topics and Tips

    Jackson Hewitt provides a variety of articles and tips explaining tax terms and situations.

  • Online Support

    Basic support is available through online chat and by phone.

Premium Support Tools

You always have the option to visit a Jackson Hewitt location if you need help from a tax pro. However, visiting a store location will likely result in additional charges. 

  • Protection Plus

    Jackson Hewitt has partnered with Protection Plus to offer audit assistance and ID theft restoration to Jackson Hewitt customers. For an additional $29.95 Protection Plus will:

    • Represent you in front of the IRS
    • Deal with the IRS for you
    • Develop a planand prepare documents
    • Work with credit reporting agencies
    • Provide 6 months of daily credit monitoring after an incident

How can I get my refund with Jackson Hewitt?

Getting your refund with Jackson Hewitt is easy. You can have your refund deposited in your bank account, deposited on a prepaid card, or get a paper check in the mail. We recommend picking one of the direct deposit methods as those tend to be the most secure and fastest way of getting a refund. 

Is Jackson Hewitt Worth it?

When it comes to online filing, we think better options exist. Jackson Hewitt specializes in in-person tax filing and professional tax preparation. That’s not to say filing with Jackson Hewitt online is a mistake, but if you’re new to online filing you may want to look elsewhere. Their software is very simple and the straightforward pricing is refreshing, but onscreen guidance is lacking. If you’re not sure, give them a try. You won’t have to pay until it is time to file. 

Money. You want more, not less. Pricier services (think TurboTax) can be worth their weight in gold if you need the perks they offer. If not, you'll over pay for the same return you can get for less. Finding the right price is about understanding what you'll need to file.