Congrats! Your Tax Match is TaxSlayer!

Why TaxSlayer?

TaxSlayer offers reasonable prices and quality support options. Rather than pay for the forms you need, you’ll pay for the level of support you want. All tax situations are included with TaxSlayer Classic, Premium, and Self-employed. 

If you feel pretty good about your taxes, but still want access to phone and email support, give TaxSlayer Classic a try. 

How TaxSlayer Performs

  • Pricing is based on support, not tax forms or software features.
  • Costs less than other big name brands
  • Supports all common tax situations
  • Limited on-screen guidance.
  • Fewer support options.

Customer Support


Customer Support options are designed to meet your wants and needs. Free phone and email support is included with all product options. Upgrading to TaxSlayer Premium gives you priority support, 3 years of IRS Audit Assistance, and access to a tax pro. For $10 more, TaxSlayer Self-Employed gives you access to a tax pro with Self-Employed expertise and other specific self-employed guidance.

Easy to Use


TaxSlayer is simple and enjoyable to use. When filing your taxes you’ll have the option to select your forms and enter the information yourself, or to be guided through the tax return by answering questions. Both are great solutions to working through taxes, and you can even do a combination of both.



Pay for the support you want, not the forms you need to file. Some tax forms and situations can get complicated, just ask the self-employed, but if you know what you’re doing, why pay more? Save money by filing with TaxSlayer, while still having access to quality support. If you find you need more help along the way, you can always upgrade.

Money. You want more, not less. Pricier services (think TurboTax) can be worth their weight in gold if you need the perks they offer. If not, you'll over pay for the same return you can get for less. Finding the right price is about understanding what you'll need to file.