Congrats! Your Tax Match is TurboTax!

Why TurboTax?

TurboTax is ideal for both first and long-time filers who worry about taxes, don’t like taxes, or simply don’t want to think about taxes. They specialize in providing expert tax support and a smooth tax filing experience. Even if you don’t want or need on-demand help from a tax pro, the built in guidance makes filing taxes easy.

How TurboTax Performs

  • Easy question and answer interview to simplify the filing process.
  • Relevant guidance and explanations as you work on each section.
  • Top quality support available in multiple formats.
  • Year-round video support through TurboTax Live.
  • More expensive than other tax filing options.
  • TurboTax Free only supports the most simple tax returns.

Customer Support


TurboTax offers the most flexible and comprehensive support options. File on your own with their powerful software, or get help from Tax Pros when you file with TurboTax Live. 

Easy to Use


Using TurboTax (even if you don’t like technology) is close to second nature. The process is smooth, questions are easy to understand, and user design is fantastic. Filing with TurboTax sometimes feels like filing taxes with an old friend.



TurboTax will cost more, if not the most, but given what you get for the price, we can’t say we’re surprised. Have you tried employing an army of tax pros for on-demand support? Less costly options exist, but if it’s in your budget we recommend TurboTax for the quality experience and expert advice.

Money. You want more, not less. Pricier services (think TurboTax) can be worth their weight in gold if you need the perks they offer. If not, you'll over pay for the same return you can get for less. Finding the right price is about understanding what you'll need to file.